Rapid increase in quality and presence of retail WiFi

In the era of customer hyper relevance, we know that retail WiFi drives loyalty. This, combined with a move to cloud based central inventory management, is driving WAN infrastructure optimization and upgrades.

Greg Griffiths, Vice President of Product Alliances, EarthLink, remarked, “Our purpose in teaming up with IHL Group and AirTight for this important study is to provide retailers with actionable data to help them plan their next-generation engagement and technology roadmaps. We also see an increasing need for WAN optimization, driven by the bandwidth needs of the new centralized order management systems.” 
According to IHL Group, nearly 70% of specialty retailers are designing their next Point-of-Sale system based on a central order management system, which will put up to five times more load on the network for core store transactions than most retailers use today.  To accommodate this load, many retailers will require an update of their WAN infrastructure.
“Research findings show that retail has the necessary infrastructure in place and is poised for growth around multichannel engagement using in-store WiFi,” said Kevin McCauley, Director of Retail Market Development, AirTight Networks. “The companies that implement within the next year will have first mover advantage to perfect their engagement strategies. The forthcoming benchmarking tool will help retailers cut through the complexity around that.”



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