Personal digital augmentation

The next big thing in personal development may just be a little augmentation, some personal digitization.

Graafstra has been using the technology primarily to unlock doors in his home, although he says he has also used it for starting his motorbike, accessing a safe and turning on his computer.
As one of a growing number of biohackers implanting tech in their bodies, he believes the chips are about ease of life and cutting down on the number of managed devices he has to take care of.
He says having to remember to take such devices with you everywhere you go can be a constant source of concern or inconvenience – for example, the whereabouts of keys can play on people’s minds and the time spent looking for them over many years can add up significantly.
Graafstra says it’s for this reason that the chips are more use in his hand than in his phone, the phone again being one of those things that is a managed device.

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