Creepy robots are the staff at this Japanese hotel

CaaS may soon mean concierge-as-a-service. Japan to open first hotel with robotic staff.

In addition to the robot staff, the hotel will be equipped with other advanced technologies, such as the use of facial recognition scanners in lieu of room keys. Temperatures within guests’ rooms will be measured via a sensor that monitors body temperature rather than thermostat, and rooms will be equipped with tablets with which to communicate with the front desk.
The robots, meanwhile, will provide a variety of services, according to the company, including room cleaning, front desk and porter services, meaning you could be checked in by robots and have robots carry your bags to your room.
The automaton workforce is being supplied by Kokoro Co. Ltd., according to a report in the Telegraph. The company, which is part of the same conglomerate that provides the license for Hello Kitty, is using technology developed at Osaka University. Kokoro has been developing its android models, which it calls “actroids,” since they first debuted in 2003. The robots will have the ability to make eye contact, gesture with their hands, and will speak Japanese, English, Korean and Chinese.

+ Iwazume is looking a little bit creepy here.

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