Managing Shadow IT

Used to be, we told organizations to fight to eliminate “shadow IT” spend, and control it all within the IT function. Now, CIOs need to embrace it and manage it.

In order to prevent shadow IT from becoming a problem, or even occurring full stop, businesses need to consider ways to make corporate IT systems not only flexible and easy for staff to use, but also visually appealing and fun in a number of areas.
Amazingly, many large enterprises are still using siloed legacy systems that hamper communication across the business and restrict employees in what they can do with the technology available to them.
Instead, all businesses should be paying close attention to social functionality when reviewing their IT systems. Innovation in this area can be used to create user interfaces that are similar to employees’ favourite consumer websites, and can often lead to new ways of communicating across the business.
Breaking down barriers between different areas of a business in this way can have a positive impact on performance, not only for individual employees but also for the business as a whole.

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