Digital retailing

The retail experience is going digital ever faster, and many retailers are struggling to keep up with the changes.

Last year, online shopping via mobile devices overtook desktop usage for the first time, indicating a big shift in consumer behavior that businesses need to understand and get on board with.
The move to mobile-first means that retailers need to cater to customers that are ‘always on’ and connected but companies have in fact been slow to adapt to this change and grasp the opportunities. Shopping via mobile means that customers can be engaged and online anywhere at any time – whether it’s sat at home on the sofa, on the bus or walking down the high street.
Increasingly, research has shown that customers are regularly using their smartphones while in store to help them make purchasing decisions and check prices and items. However, despite this fact, very few retailers are catering towards this targeted audience and are not providing any type of digital experience above and beyond the standard website format, albeit optimized for mobile.      
The mistake that many businesses make is they’re still very much thinking in terms of online vs. offline, digital vs. brick-and-mortar – but now that customers are often active online while also shopping in a physical store, this is no longer the case.

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