IoT effects in manufacturing

To nobody’s surprise, the Internet of Things is the biggest technology shift effecting manufacturing in the coming year.

Just how widespread will the IoT be in 2015? An Embarcadero Technologies survey conducted by Dimensional Research reveals that 77% of development teams will have IoT solutions in active development in 2015, compared to only 12% in 2014.

Quite possibly the biggest advances happening in IoT are happening right here in the manufacturing sector. Earlier this month, GE Reports released their article “The Future of Big Data: Beyond the Internet of Things,” which argues, “The IoT is ultimately about connecting devices to people… But there’s another, arguably deeper change taking place: the Industrial Internet. It’s less about remote control and more about machine intelligence and allowing things like wind turbines, locomotives and jet engines to talk and understand each other.” GE alone is already using the Industrial Internet to power railroads, pipelines, power grids, and subsea wells.

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