Docker gains traction with movable cloud workloads

An important part of moving compute workloads around diverse cloud environments is the ability to bundle them in containers, such as Docker.

Docker is meant to free developers from software and infrastructure dependencies, leading to cost savings and other efficiencies by automating the creation and deployment of apps in containers. Gartner’s Fritsch said that companies might be better off adopting Docker technology but acknowledging its complexity and newness.
“Start with simple deployments until the de facto standards for container management and SDNs in containerized environments become clear,” he wrote.
“As with any technology — both new and well established — IT architects and admins need to validate that they are using the right tool for the job,” advised Neovise’s Burns. “For instance, I don¹t see anyone using Docker containers as the basis for server multi-tenancy in a public cloud. That may come with time. But I do see people using containers within dedicated, virtual and cloud servers.”

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