The Internet of Guns

Emerging from one corner of the CES in Las Vegas, the Internet of Guns.
“Hunting and shooting sports are now part of the web fabric. With this new technology, friends and family are virtually transported and immersed in exotic and exciting hunts,” Danielle Hambleton, TrackingPoint’s vice president of marketing said in a press release. “Hunters can now share the thrill of the stalk and the excitement of victory in real-time.”
TrackingPoint is fully embracing the trend of Internet of Things which is dominating CES in 2015, and even references Cisco research in its press release which says that more than 99% of things in the physical world are still not connected to the Internet.
“We wholeheartedly embrace Cisco’s vision for the Internet of Everything,” says Hambleton. “Our exceptional long-range hunting technology combined with Cisco’s foresight will vastly enrich the world of hunting and shooting sports.”

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