The Internet is not the death of knowledge

The Internet is not ruining our kids’ brains and it is not the death of knowledge.  More millenials read a book than older Americans

But according to a new Pew study, knowledge and the written word can’t be so easily defeated. DespiteBooks embracing technology more than their elders, the study found that millennials were more likely to have read a book, either in digital form or on dead trees, in the past year than Americans over 30. Even more surprising is the fact that more young people believe there is important information that can’t be found on the Internet than their forebears.

Of course that doesn’t mean the youngins are more cultured than their parents in every case. Americans over 30 are more likely to visit museums or galleries and to read the news on a daily basis. Nevertheless, the study runs counter to the stereotype of lazy, hyperconnected, attention-defecit millennials, incapable of ripping themselves away from Facebook and Instagram and Snapchat, and who aren’t likely to read anything longer than 140 characters in one sitting.

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