The USPS gets a big edge in delivery over rival FedEx

The USPS gets a big edge in delivery over rival FedEx: they don’t pay parking tickets

Undeterred by snow, rain, heat, gloom of night – and cheaper than ever. The U.S. Postal Service is slashingUSPS truck prices for big retailers in a bid to wrest holiday shipments from FedEx and UPS.

For customers shipping at least 50,000 packages a year, Uncle Sam’s mailing service will charge up to 58 percent less for its accelerating Priority service, in some cases undercutting its for-profit rivals.

FedEx and UPS are none too happy about this. The Postal Service has a monopoly on letters, they argue, and is raising prices on some customers unfairly to subsidize big retailers. The Postal Service, however, has another huge advantage they are past griping about: It doesn’t have to pay traffic tickets.

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