Uber launches personal shopper service

Uber launches a personal shopping service and continues the pressure on home delivery services.  Fascinating to see the churn in what seems like a stable old business.

Uber, the controversial online cab and limo service, just launched Corner Store, an experimental grocery delivery service in Washington, D.C. The experiment is limited to two zones of the city, and is available on weekdays from 9 AM to 9 PM.Get picked up right away

The service enhances Uber’s original business model — which allows anyone to become a paid driver — by turning its drivers into “personal shoppers.” Customers can use Uber’s app to order drugstore items like diapers, gum, and shaving cream, and drivers will make an instant delivery. There’s no minimum purchase, delivery fee, or tip — the driver is compensated by Uber, meaning that the company is likely running this experiment at a loss.

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